The goal of the Plast-Press s.r.o. is producing products, and offer service in a way which optimaly satisfy needs and requirements of match, reliability, safety of the products, and also quality, price, deadlines and in the end, minimal impact on the enviroment for, present and also future customers. The company wants to meet these requirements with all knowledge and experiences of our workers, experiences of customers and suppliers, and also with new knowledge in science and technology.

In line with this goal, the Plast-Press Ltd. management provides the following quality policy:

  • reach a stable quality of all the products, and at the same time improving the overall performance
  • receive and evaluate the specific objectives of the quality of individual workers for improving the quality management system and quality of the products
  • meet current and future requirements, needs and expectations of the customers, the end-users and the stakeholders and contribute to the maintenance of constant radius and new customers
  • establish and maintain effective and efficient quality management system to fulfill all the requirements
  • improve the qualifications, competence and commitment of the employees to ensure compliance, reliability, safety and the products quality
  • improve the supplier-buyer relations and to engage customers and suppliers in the process of continuous improvement of the products quality of Plast-Press Ltd.

Company Plast-Press Ltd. has implemented a quality management system according to ISO 9001.